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I'm subscribed to the scidavis list as it is one of the projects on my radar. I also tried to contact developers of both labplot and scidavis at some point as I'm contributing to a "concurrent" project, kst. I'm fine with the idea of many projects trying to answer the same need (in that case, data analysis and plotting) with emphasis on different workflows, but I'd also be happy to see some concentration of development effort, anything from common plugins or APIs to common code bases. Maybe at some point we'll have to organize a "qt-based open-source plotting sprint" to really get things started there? 
Anyway, in case you don't know it, Kst is a mature Qt/C++ 2D plotting application, which dropped KDE dependency in the course of porting to Kst2.x/Qt4 (Kst 1.x was a KDE3 application). So pretty much the same as scidavis, qtiplot, and labplot with some more features in certain areas and less in others. Kst is less table-oriented than Origin and the other tools, but has some nifty features as well, from some cool tools (data wizard, plugin-based datasources, edit multiple objects,  change data file, etc...) to awesome performance. In fact, if you are interested in plotting tools I guess you'll want to check it for yourself. You'll find lots of information on http://kst-plot.kde.org. And of course, feel free to contact me or join the kst mailing list for more information on kst, and why not possible cooperation.



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> Objet: [Scidavis-contributors] New project lead
> Hi everyone,
> I just wanted to introduce myself. I don't know how many of you are
> still actively involved in SciDAVis, but for better or worse, I have
> taken over managing SciDAVis from Tilman.
> I do manage a few other SourceForge projects, so I do have a way of
> doing things. If you don't like any particular way, please speak
> up. Projects evolve over time, and develop their own traditions.
> The first thing I would like to do is switch to the new look'n'feel
> used on SourceForge. All my other projects have been switched, and
> assuming that most people here are inactive, and there will be some
> new blood coming in, now seems opportune.
> Then there's other things about me. I'm a big fan of regression
> tests,
> it really aids refactoring, and helps catch a lot of stupid
> mistakes. Whilst I don't do the full TDD, I do agree that tests
> ideally should be written at the same time as code development,
> rather
> than an afterthought. Although afterthought is better than nothing.
> I'm also a fan of doxygen as a means to understand code. I will be
> looking at improving the doxygen-friendliness of the code comments,
> assuming they're not perfect already :).
> I'm also a fan of RAII - in particular minimising the use of pointers
> on interfaces, using smart pointers to manage things on the heap, and
> putting things on the stack when they don't need to be on the
> heap. This leads to better control of resource leaks, and better
> exception safety. We need to get away from bare news and deletes.
> Otherwise, I'm pretty code-style light. Coders do have different ways
> of approaching things, and it is an impediment to getting stuff done
> to have to constantly think whether a piece of code matches some
> length coding style manual. Provided coding is done cleanly,
> self-documenting where possible, commentry on any tricky bits, one
> ought to be able to deal with another coder's style.
> That's all for now. I have to admit, I haven't even checked out the
> code yet, let alone built it for the first time, so I don't know what
> I'm getting myself in for!
> Cheers
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