[Kst] ASCII Data Source: Handling of empty values

repaul_schrott-kst at yahoo.de repaul_schrott-kst at yahoo.de
Tue May 22 13:15:39 UTC 2012


in my CAN data CSV files I have data columns as pairs of (X=Time,Y=Value) of different lengths as the data is sampled at individual times.
In the output CSV files there are "empty cells/values" meaning that there is the correct amount of separators "," but no numeric values for some (X,Y) pairs.

Looking at the curves I have the impression that Kst get confused and starts putting data into the wrong columns.

    - How is a "," separator as a first character on a text line handled ?

    - Can the Kst ASCII source handle the case of non rectangular matrix input data ?
    - Would importing individual columns paris (X,Y) help as a workaround ?



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