[Kst] Plotting categories

David McMinn david.mcminn at intelligentwellcontrols.com
Sat May 12 10:37:22 UTC 2012


I'd like to plot a curve (signal vs time) and system state vs time. I
don't want to use X axis markers as I'll be using them for something
else later. It looks like I have a few options on how to do this:

1) Use one curve drawn as a line with a different value for each state.
However, I would like to be able to change the Y axis tick text to show
the state name rather than the numerical value. I don't think this is
possible or is it?

2) Use one curve for each state, each drawn as a line. This allows me to
use the same value for each state and have them identified by colour
codes. However, in order to more easily see the states I increase the
line width which makes the lines overlap horizontally. Is there any way
to only increase the vertical width of the lines? As an example of what
I'm trying to do, see this export (it's not coloured but you should see
what I mean):

3) Use one curve for each state, each drawn as a barchart with a
different colour. This allows me to have the signal overlaid on top of
the state and makes it a bit easier to see (you don't have to manually
track vertically to see where the state change occurs as you do with the
lines and I want to use markers for something else in the final
application). However, the bars have a horizontal resolution that makes
the edges of the bars appear halfway between time points. I'd rather
have them align on the time points, which is when the state change is
recorded in my data. Is there any way to adjust where the bars are
drawn? Again, as example is here:

Alternatively if there is a better way to show what I would like then
please let me know.


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