[Kst] You cannot load this much data

Peter Kümmel syntheticpp at gmx.net
Mon May 7 20:22:50 UTC 2012

On 07.05.2012 22:10, Nicolas Brisset wrote:
>> Yes, 1GB should be enough. But maybe the algorithm for calculating
>> the needed memory
>> gets somehow confused.
> Yes, I think it gets *massively confused*.
> What I don't understand though is that I've already loaded vectors with close to *3 million* points each from ASCII files without problem.
> I'll test it again with a recent version to see if we have a regression there, which would be a pity because I'm actually going to have to use kst for large data samples soon...
> And by the way, what is preventing us from releasing 2.0.5, apart from this newly reported bug?

Shouldn't we first figure out what's going on with this memory bug?


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