[Kst] 2.0.5 bugs

Nicolas Brisset nicolas.brisset at free.fr
Mon Jun 18 21:08:08 UTC 2012

> Thanks, Nicolas!
Thank you!
> I think I have fixed all of these except "Arrows positions are not
> perfectly restored upon saving/reloading"
> Please verify that the rest are fixed.
Yes, the rest seems to be fixed and that with arrow positions does not always happen, somehow. I'm still trying to figure out exactly what's happening... Do you see something?
Regarding text formatting: it works, but it's a bit awkward because:
1) you don't see the effect in the preview at the top of the dialog (would be minor if you saw the result when you hit apply => proably easy to fix!)
2) you can't apply the properties to single words or characters using the buttons, even though as I've just found out - after ten years of using Kst - you can if you type the Latex code => I think the tooltip is not informative enough for non-LaTEX gurus. I'd suggest changing it and leveraging the excellent autocompletion done by Joshua to let people discover the details. If you agree, I can propose something for the tooltip.
3) there is no underline button, even though it is pretty standard (there again, LaTEX is your friend... if you're a geek!). If it's not too hard, we could add it for the sake of habit. But it's not a real must. I'll let you decide on that one.

So, overall text formatting is pretty powerful. I must confess I had never really looked into the details, but it's pretty nice. 
If we fix the points above and the fact that when you drag a label, it first lands completely offset until you drag it again, it'll be good enough.
And maybe also the fact that in zoom mode it is extremely hard to call the label menu from the RMB. It may even be impossible, I have never made it. In layout mode it's OK, but not everybody will think about that.

Thanks again for all the fixes, I think 2.0.6 will really *rock!* (I mean, \Textbf{rock!})


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