[Kst] Further 2.0.5 small bugs

Nicolas Brisset nicolas.brisset at free.fr
Mon Jun 18 20:06:31 UTC 2012


since I see you're running out of bugs to fix, here are a few more I found during some further tests:
- I have a plot with 2 curves and want to change the point density of both to Medium using the "Edit multiple" feature: it does not work (the control is deactivated). Worse: when I come back to "Edit one" mode, the control does not get reactivated. I recently made changes in that area, I must have missed something with the "Edit multiple" mode. I don't exactly know the details of how it works...
- When doing a polynomial fit on a curve (order = 5) I get a nice text label. When trying to place it on the plot, dragging is slow and leaves many strange artefacts. And in the end, the bounding box of the label is somehow wrong (noticeable in layout mode). If it's not easy to fix, we can leaev it like that as in the end it does work. But it looks bad and is sluggish during drag. (Use transparency while dragging is checked, otherwise it looks even worse)
- OpenGL results in worse performance than the default on my system, with a Nividia GTX550ti and binary Nvidia drivers! Either we do something wrong, or it's again a driver issue. I would have to check under Windows... Is anybody else seeing that?
- How are y-axis shared axes boxes supposed to work? They don't result in shared axis lines as I would expect...
- Why don't arrows have a fill property (only stroke)? It makes stroke color pretty useless, as you always have a black triangle inside...
- Text formatting in labels (bold, etc...) does not work. Maybe I already posted that one, but it's too bad. Can we do something about that or is it complicated?
- SVG and image annotation items have a fixed ratio by default: nice. But it can't be unchecked. Is this a bug or a feature?

Apart from that this version looks very stable and nice :-) let's see how many bugs we can still crush!


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