[Kst] Changes to curve points between 2.0.4 and 2.0.5

David McMinn david.mcminn at intelligentwellcontrols.com
Sat Jun 9 21:38:06 UTC 2012


Was there any changes to how points on curves were drawn between 2.0.4
and 2.0.5 (on Windows)?

I ask because in 2.0.4 when the "Lines" option in the appearance for a
curve was unchecked then the "Weight" option was still available and
would control the overall size of the point as well as the line thickness.

In 2.0.5 when the "Lines" option is unchecked then the "Weight" option
is not available (and neither is the colour). If I temporarily enable
lines and then adjust the weight then turn off the lines the point will
be drawn with the new weight but the overall size of the point cannot be

Has anyone else seen this or is there another way to control curve point
sizes in 2.0.5?


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