[Kst] [Bug 300014] Plot dimensions automatically reset after reload session when plot is in shared axis

david.mcminn at intelligentwellcontrols.com david.mcminn at intelligentwellcontrols.com
Fri Jun 1 08:06:59 UTC 2012


--- Comment #2 from david.mcminn at intelligentwellcontrols.com ---
Well, given the option I'd say (ii), not because it's more work but because you
don't always need plots to have the same heights so simply disabling the
position/size fields would make the functionality worse.

As an initial step keeping the position/size fields enabled and making sure the
load/save works would be a good first step. It improves the functionality and
at least works towards a full implementation of all the features of (ii).
Performing an automatic layout currently has the effect of reverting to default
sizes AFAICS so that is also covered.

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