[Kst] 2.0.6 tag and release

Brisset, Nicolas Nicolas.Brisset at eurocopter.com
Tue Jul 24 08:05:45 UTC 2012

Can we create a 2.0.6 branch which we can release once the scripting install is fixed (or we give up)?
I am OK with releasing Wednesday, whether the scripting install is perfect or not.
Peter has already created packages. I was planning to do a release announcement and release as-is. Apparently python scripting is not yet working under Windows (hangs up somewhere), it would be great if someone could help Peter debug that. I have the feeling there's not much missing... But that'll be for the next version, unless we can figure it out quickly and do an intermediate package with that added.

I need to start working on a new feature for my current experiment, and will want to commit it.
I see 3 options there, depending also on what that new feature is and how invasive it will be:

1)      We create a branch for further minor 2.0.x releases and you commit to "trunk"

2)      You create a branch for your new feature and we will merge it later, until then we continue committing to trunk

3)      You switch to git locally and use git-svn to commit later

4)      We all switch to git (which I don't know, but I also think that sooner or later we will have to switch). I don't know when's the right time for that, though, as at the beginning it will probably cost some effort

In any case, I'd be interested to know what that new feature is :)

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