[Kst] Status / 2.0.5

nicolas.brisset at free.fr nicolas.brisset at free.fr
Fri Feb 24 23:01:06 UTC 2012


first of all: thanks to Barth for the "Lock Position to Data" feature in view objects, that's a very nice feature! The only things I'd suggest to polish it are:
- Add an action to do it directly in the context menu of view objects
- Change the name of the "Dimensions" category in the dialog to "Size/Position" to make it more consistent

Apart from that, as you have probably seen I've just submitted a very detailed proposal for the implementation of the ASCII time feature in the ASCII data source attached to bug #243684. I don't have time to code it right now, especially as it is not completely trivial. But I think the proposal is quite mature and judging by the number of requests we get for that feature, it would be very nice to have it for 2.0.5 (or 2.0.6 if it is going to take a bit longer). Barth, Peter: do you feel like tackling it? Please at least take some time to read my entries and look at the mockups.

Finally, regarding new features I'd like to get into 2.0.5: I have been looking at matio lately and I think adding support for Matlab's .mat files is very feasible. I'm planning to give it a try. I'll let you know how it turns out. 

So to sum up, my proposal for 2.0.5 would be to add Matlab file support, ASCII time support and all the neat things (like lock position to data) which are already in svn.
Then I'd finally do those video tutorials for the website (I have a new graphics board with which it works much better). That'd be a very compelling release.
What do you think?


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