[Kst] [Bug 297568] New: Reference to plugin lost in equation after saving

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Fri Apr 6 04:29:36 UTC 2012


            Bug ID: 297568
          Severity: normal
           Version: 2.0.4
          Priority: NOR
          Assignee: kst at kde.org
           Summary: Reference to plugin lost in equation after saving
    Classification: Unclassified
                OS: MS Windows
          Reporter: egretengineering+kde at gmail.com
          Hardware: MS Windows
            Status: UNCONFIRMED
         Component: equations
           Product: kst

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The reference to a vector generated by a plugin is lost after saving.  This
only happens if the plugin is created after the equation and then the equation
is edited to include a reference to the plugin vector.

Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
1. Use Create > Vector to generate a vector called "INDEX" with say 100 points
from 0..99 
2.Use Create > Equation to create an equation called "EQ1" to simulate raw data
(e.g. SIN(x) with INDEX as the x-vector)
3. Create another equation "EQ2" that manipulates the raw data (e.g. 2*[EQ1:y]) 
3.Use Create > Filter Plugin > Despike to generate a new vector based on the
simulated raw data (EQ1:y)
4. Now go back and edit the equation EQ2 to reference the despiked data
instread of the raw data (i.e. 2*[EQ2:y])
5. Save the kst file, close and reopen.
6. Open the data manager to read the contents of EQ2. The reference to the
plugin vector will be missing.
Actual Results:  
The equation loses its reference to the plugin vector after reopening the file.

Expected Results:  
The equation should not lose its reference to the plugin vector after closing
and reopening the file. If an equation can not reference a vector created after
itself then the user should be prevented from doing so.

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