[Kst] Corrupted kst file

Ben Lewis egretengineering at gmail.com
Fri Apr 6 01:21:44 UTC 2012

I have a .kst file that seems to have become corrupted.

When I try to open it I can the following error:

*Error opening document 'Path/to/kst/file.kst':
Maybe it is a kst 1 file which could not be read by kst 2.*

I've been working on this file for the last couple of days and I really don't want to have to 
recreate it from scratch. Any help in resurrecting this file will be much appreciated.

Even if this file cannot be saved in time for me to use it, it is probably worth investigating what 
went wrong to prevent another occurrence in the future.

I cannot upload the file to the list as it contains customer data that I'm not able to make public. 
But I can email it directly to somebody if they are able to help me out.

Regards, Ben

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