[Kst] Printing and Time

Truch, Matthew - 0775 - MITLL matthew.truch at ll.mit.edu
Mon Nov 28 16:43:00 UTC 2011

Happily running Kst 2.0.4 on Windows 7.  A couple of minor issues and a
couple requests.  

I tried printing to 11x17 paper (with an 11x17 capable printer).  Although I
could select the paper size in the printer options, kst would center an
8.5x11 sized plot on the 11x17 paper.  Kst should size the printed frame to
the size of the paper selected in the printer.  

I have a plot with about 5.5 days of data, with the x-axis interpreting the
ctime into a human readable format.  Kst is choosing noon as the 'zero' of
the base and offset mode, rather than midnight which I would expect.  

First request: Additional options for base and offset mode.  I think having
the option to have a fixed base (manually set) as well as the option to
force the base to be the minimum (or maximum) values of the axis would be
nice.  Often I'm plotting time and what I really want is time into the
experiment/data run with a record of the start time.  Something like a radio
selector for the base to be 'auto', 'fixed' (with a space to enter what it
is), 'minimum axis value' and 'maximum axis value'.  

Second request: Currently the windows installer installs kst to a single
user.  I might expect kst to only install system-wide (and therefore the
installer requires administrator privs.).  In a better world, the installer
would pop up a dialog asking to install for the current user only or
system-wide (noting that system-wide requires admin privs.) and if the
current user isn't an admin, popping up a dialog to provide an administrator
username/password to install the software as system-wide if requested.  

Matthew Truch
matthew.truch at ll.mit.edu

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