[Kst] Re: branches/work/kst/portto4/kst/src/libkstapp

Nicolas Brisset nicolas.brisset at free.fr
Sat Mar 19 23:05:30 CET 2011

> SVN commit 1225318 by kuemmel:
> ask if it should plot all curves
I don't know if that's what Matt had in mind, although it is probably a nice option. What I imagined was rather an option in the settings, which you could set: in a groupbox named "when a data file is passed as argument" and radio buttons:
o ask me the user how many vectors to load 
o load all vectors in the file
o load the first [spinbox] vectors (with a value defaulting to e.g. 36)

I think that's pretty close to what you did, only that there is the option for the user to not see the dialog at all. But I'm not sure it is so important before the release. We can improve it afterwards for 2.0.4.

On the other topic (broken fit labels): have you had a chance to take a look?


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