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Matthew D Truch matt at truch.net
Sat Mar 19 19:04:13 CET 2011

> > When only a filename is passed to kst without any further arguments
> > and it is not a .kst file try to find a datasource which could load
> > it, and show all vectors against INDEX. Each datasource could overwrite
> > this behavior, like it was asked by Syam Krishnan C.R. on the mailinglist.
> > 
> > Having this feature it is now possible to register Kst as default
> > program for opening data files: double-click on your data file and see Kst
> > previewing your data!
> While the idea has some good sides to it, I think it is dangerous.
> Imagine what happens if you pass kst a datafile with thousands of
> variables? 
> I think we need to fine-tune the behavior a bit. One possibility would
> be to load only the first x vectors (x being in the area of 30 to 40).
> But other ideas are welcome.

Well, kst already checks if there is enough memory available to open
things.  Perhaps that check should be part of the process?  I certainly
like the idea of kst auto starting up when someone double clicks on data
and the like.  Perhaps to appease both sides, an setting which permits
the choice between auto-loading and displaying all data (subject to
memory limits) or just auto-starting the data wizard with that datafile
pre-selected (thereby skipping the first screen of the wizard).  

> In fact, I'm still not completely sure what Syam's use case is. It
> would be nice to clarify it a bit before spending time developing more
> stuff. Using the -F switch to load the data vectors from a different
> file, but using a standard layout is a pretty nice possibility if you
> always have the same data. If it's not clear to you what this feature
> is, I can give more explanations.

Well, certainly when I have relatively "simple" data files I often just
want to plot everything in the file.  And then I go from there (like
zoom in) if something looks interesting to me. 

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