[Kst] Fills and fonts.

D. V. Wiebe dvw at ketiltrout.net
Wed Mar 2 03:53:30 CET 2011

Good news, guys.  Slackware finally drop kde3 support, so I've finally
had to get over my laziness and upgrade to kst2.

A couple questions:

1) How do I change the default fill of plots?  I thought the "Default
Fill Properties" in the Settings dialogue might do it, but nope.

2) Since black-on-black is hard to read, how do I change the font
colour of a legend?  I though "Brush Color" might do it under the
appearance menu, but nope.  (It does change the colour of the bounding

3) Closing the main plot window (via the X in the window dressing)
with a, say, Edit Plot Item dialogue window open doesn't cause kst to
exit (until you separately get rid of the dialog box).  Is that a bug?
I can't see when that would be useful.  Surely, destroying the main
window should cause all the other dialogs.

I'm using SVN revision 1223278.

Don Wiebe                                   dvw at phas.ubc.ca
Department of Physics and Astronomy
University of British Columbia              Hennings 204
6224 Agricultural Road                      Tele: +1-604-822-2585
University Endowment Lands, BC
Canada   V6T 1Z1                            http://ketiltrout.net/
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