[Kst] [Bug 274321] Plot objects ignore default fill

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--- Comment #1 from  <netterfield astro utoronto ca>  2011-06-08 14:49:43 ---
This is not formally a bug, but more... unclear UI.

The settings default fill properties currently only apply to the background of
tabs and not anything else.  So If you had created a new tab, the background
would have been a rather-urghsome-shade-of-green.

To set the defaults on plots, there is a check-box in the plot dialog 
[ ] Save as default.  

Applying after setting this will set all of the plot settings, including lines
and backgrounds, to the new setting.  This does work.

There are 2+1 options as I see it:
1) Keep the current functionality, but change the text in the dialog to be more
2)Change the functionality so the settings dialog also changes the settings for
1+2) optionally option 2, with a checkbox "Apply to plots etc [ ]"


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