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Matthew D Truch matt at truch.net
Tue Feb 22 22:45:32 CET 2011

> > As Fedora requires kst to have a man page, I wrote a simple one based
> > mostly on the output of kst2 --help.  Perhaps it can be included in the
> > install (and have things like the binary name and version number
> > automatically updated)?  It needs to be gzip compressed (and have the
> > .gz suffix appeneded) and then installed in /PREFIX/share/man/man1/
> >
> I've added it.
> .TH kst 1 "22 February 2011" "Version @kst_version@" "@kst_binary_name@"
> will become:
> .TH kst 1 "22 February 2011" "Version 2.0.3" "kst2"
> And the file really needs the .txt ending. Looks strange to me for a Linux system.

Ok.  The file should be called @kst_binary_name at .1.gz when it is
packaged and put in place.  That way typing "man kst2" will work on
systems that call it kst2 and "man kst" will work on systems that call
it kst.  The .1 is redundant, I know (it's the same "1" as the one in
man1/), but that's the way the man/apropos/[ng]roff system wants it.  

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Matthew Truch
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