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Matthew D Truch matt at truch.net
Mon Feb 21 23:11:43 CET 2011

> Yes I know, but I mean: how could the debug symbols be extracted into a other file.

With voodoo and magic.  ;-)  They have a custom strip that takes what it
extracts and puts it in a file with an identical name and path as the
file which was stripped but prepended with the /usr/lib/debug directory.
Furthermore, the source files are put under /usr/src/debug.  Then
everything in these debug directories is packaged in a separate
debuginfo package.  gdb and friends are configured to also look in those
places for the debugging symbols and for the source.  Finally, when
packages crash and a useless backtrace pops up in the gui, a button is
available which loads all appropriate debuginfo packages via the usual
packaging system and then *poof* the backtrace reloads with useful info.

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