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Brisset, Nicolas Nicolas.Brisset at eurocopter.com
Thu Feb 17 08:30:26 CET 2011

Hi Barth,

> SVN commit 1221146 by netterfield:
> Major re-work of how label info is passed around.
> -still need to pass 'names' of render items.
> First attempt at re-thinking automatic label rules.
> -Legends haven't been touched yet.
> -Multiple units in a plot haven't been touched yet.
> -Not all cases have been tested.
> Not sure I or anyone else will like all the cases, but the couple I
> at seemed OK.
> Please test and complain at will.
Thanks a lot for the effort! It seems to be non-trivial changes, but I
think this is very useful and very visible to the end user. Definitely
not an obscure feature people won't even notice.
So here are my comments from a first quick check. You said "complain at
will", so I feel called upon :-) 
1) Loading one curve per plot looks very good now (with as well as
without units). That's *great* as it is probably the most frequent use
case! We still have the issue of left label alignment, but you said we'd
have a try at it later...
2) If you plot e.g. p, q, r against the same X vector, the X axis label
should not change. Right now the vector name disappears. As using the
same X vector for all curves is certainly the vast majority of cases, we
definitely have to optimize it.
3) When plotting more than one curve with the same Y vector unit, the Y
axis label contains only the unit: OK. But maybe we should preserve the
[] around the unit name, it would be more consistent (granted, that's a
4) When plotting two curves with different units in the same plot, only
one of the units is shown => as I said before, I think in that case we
have to resort to the legend
5) When adding editing plot contents (adding a curve), the Apply button
of the dialog does not get activated
6) Legends are not optimized yet (i.e. X vector repeated, no unit) - but
you said it's still coming
7) Legends don't appear automatically when needed - but I think that's
also still part of the TODO list

To sum up my impressions, I think we're very close to a great release
If I understand you right, you still have something coming for legends,
so hopefully it will fix 6) and 7). I have already provided my
"algorithm" so I won't go into more details here. I'd rather wait until
you've done a first attempt and make incremental improvements from there
(if needed). And even if it takes a couple more days, I'd actually be
tempted to try the "super top label" approach now (i.e. allowing the
legend to be place in or above the plot) because I think it will be
needed to solve everything nicely. But I don't realize exactly how much
more work that requires... 

Apart from the legend points, I'd say we need to fix 2), maybe 3), 4) -
and 5) even though it is not directly related.

I can't wait to have this finished! I'm planning to do some screencasts
as soon as this works well, so that we can do a very professional
release and some PR around it this time. We'll have a very nice set of
well-working features, 3 platforms supported with proper installers
(although Linux distribution is still a bit weak...), the new website
90% finished. Let's see what feedback we get...


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