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Nicolas Brisset nicolas.brisset at free.fr
Tue Feb 15 23:18:17 CET 2011

Hi Barth,

I'm not answering your other, more recent mail since you've apparently understood my wishes very well. So I'll just hope for some support from others to convince you completely :-)
Only shortly to the question regarding manual legends: if the name is not auto, I see no problem in taking the manually entered name for the legend entry. If the user wants a unit, then he can type it in.

So, with that out of the way, now some comments to the labels...
> Some modifications to the label system.  I think this is an
> improvement,  but there are still
> some issues.  To fix them requires a significant (but simple) api
> change, which I am ready to do.
I don't know what si still coming, but at this stage I am not completely happy. Sorry to disappoint you, but I liked it better before (only the top labels disturbed me), at least when there is only one curve per plot.

To be a bit more specific (aka "constructive criticism"), here are some observations of a plot with the GOTEX[...].nc netCDF sample I like to use for test purposes, plotting 25 curves (5x5 grid):
- the X-axis label is along the x axis when I use time_offset (no unit) => OK
- the X-axis has no label but only the unit when I use seconds (unit: s) => BAD
- the Y-axis has only the unit, and the Y-axis label is displayed along the top X-axis => not very consistent, I much preferred the previous way with label + unit on the left
- the top label of a plot is often closer to the unit of the above plot than to its plot => confusing, and there seems to be lots of free space between the top axis and the top label so we could/should improve that
- there is a lot of empty space between the units and the figures (see recent mail with a screenshot, nothing new here)

It's a bit late for me to think about all the options, but maybe some hints to possible improvements:
- display the units at the end of the axes (above the left axis for y unit, at the right end of the X axis for the x unit) - direction should be the same as label numbers in that case
- always display the y label along the y axis and the x label along the x axis, or else in a legend (yeah, I know: I'm repeating myself here: for more than one curve, use only legends and not the top label!)

Well, it looks like I don't have so many new ideas. So let's wait and see what others think about that... Maybe I could also do some mockups. Should I?


P.S.: your idea to have a struct for the implementation sounds rather good to me. 

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