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Sat Sep 25 01:04:58 CEST 2010

> -tied zoom mag glass looks much better! 
Better, but still not perfect. 

> -how about a paper clip rather than a knot for tied zoom (?) I might try it if I feel 'artistic'. 
Yes, you can try it. The chain looks good with bigger icon sizes, but 22x22 is really small. There is a nice paper clip somewhere in oxygen, unfortunately I can't find it right now. But I fear it will be a bit faded out at that size, just as the current one. 

> -don't know where the view object icons came from - ie, the ellipse icon - I think Mike grabbed them from somewhere... Maybe from koffice? 
Hum, then I fear it will be easier to redo one, or take a whole series from elsewhere. 

> -Once we are on the road to being KDE-ified, we should definitely ask the artists for a set of icons. 
Definitely. KDE artists are just brilliant . 

> -I still think we should move tied zoom. I don't think its a mode. Into annotations seems like the least bad to me. 
I think it is a pure wording problem. I agree it is not a mode, but it is a way to tie axes together, which I find conceptually very close to tied zoom. In fact, the grouped plots can't have anything but tied zoom in the direction they're grouped. 
OK, if we change the name of the toolbar from "Annotation" to "Extra Layout" to make it clear that it goes beyond the layout mode, which is only for moving and/or resizing plots, but has to do with layouting I already feel better about it. Toolbar names may be 2 words, I don't think that's an issue. "Layout Objects" may also be good but maybe more confusing with "layout mode". Those are just suggestions anyway, I'm sure some native speaker will come up with something better). 
To sum up we also have to consider that we'll be adding more zoom options soon, so I'd suggest in the end: 
- Mode = Zoom (tied yes/no + exclusive choice between xy, x or y) | Data mode | Layout mode (exclusive with zoom modes) 
-"Extra Layout" = annotation objects + shared axis box 

> -Annotations should not be in between plugins and the other data objects in the create menu. It should either be right after plots or at the very end. 
Feel free to change it, and do what's discussed above as well if you agree. Let's finish this! 

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