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On Mon, Sep 13, 2010 at 4:23 AM, Brisset, Nicolas <
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> So if we put all that together, that would give:
> - name: stays kst


> - website: kst-plot.kde.org

... as an alias of kst.kde.org.

> - tag line: "Explore your data"


> - explanation of the acronym (since there *will* be people who ask): KDE
> Signal Toolkit. No matter if KDE is only optional, I think that doesn't
> hurt.

Except kst is *not an acronym*, and never has been.  Its just a three letter
name that has no meaning.  If people need an backronym, as a mnemonic, we
should have an FAQ with a long list of suggestions, including, maybe

Korea Standard Time
kiss several tarantulas
KDE Scientific Trends
koalas sing terribly
key supporting task
kill some turkeys (and we could declare the 3rd Thursday in November "kst
knowledge sharing technology
kindly stop talking

Also note: KDE's new statement is that KDE is no longer an acronym.  On top
of that, the K in KDE never stood for anything anyways.

kst is not a good name.  But no one has yet come up with a better one which
isn't taken.  (except *maybe* 'xy', but even that has issues.)

> Does that sound right to everybody?
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