[Kst] Bugzilla Versions

Barth Netterfield barth.netterfield at gmail.com
Thu Sep 9 19:39:18 CEST 2010

So far, we have:
   + short
   + current users know it
   + don't have to come up with a new name.
   - enigmatic at best, meaningless at worst.
   - doesn't sound that great.

   ~ medium length from the command line.
   + name conveys meaning
   + sounds... professional
   - new name
   ~ claims that it is good in the name, and advertising in the name
rubs me the wrong way.

   ~ medium length from the command line.
   ~ in english, a combination of meaning and enigma.
   - new name
   - make reference to me
   + sounds cool to my pro-netterfield ears :-)

   ~ medium length from the command line.
   - new name
   ~ a clever reference to the underlying library
   - sounds ... 'cute'.  Not professional

  xy, or kxy or qxy
    + short
    + reference to xy coordinate system
    + optionally refer to kde or qt libraries
    + not currently used
    - new name
    - name would lose some relevance if we introduce polar plots or 3d
projections, etc.
    ~ not sure how cool it sounds.

In the end, while I am not wed to "kst", nothing is really striking me
as totally compelling...  Lets give it a couple more days.

C. Barth Netterfield
University of Toronto

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