[Kst] Howto enable DirFile support on kst-2.0, WinXP platform?

Peter Milne Peter.Milne at d-tacq.com
Thu Jul 29 23:59:57 CEST 2010

Dear Kst

We're using kst 1.8 on native Linux desktops to plot a large amount of 
data in binary DirFile format, and it works well.

However, for end-user reasons, now it becomes necessary to plot the same 
data on WinXP. The kst 2.0 port looks promising, but neither the 
precompiled kst-2.0.0-beta2, nor a fresh local build from SVN seem to 
include this DirFile support.

It seems likely that the getdata plugin is needed, however, I can't make 
it build under cygwin - ./configure works, but the make throws a huge 
number of system header errors during compile.

- Has anyone used DirFile / getdata under WinXP?
- If you can give me a quick HOWTO, that would be great.

Also, please help with a gap in my understanding.

The product of building getdata is libgetdata.so.1 (presumably .dll 
under WinXP).

However, shouldn't there also be a plugin named something like:
libkst2data_dirfile.a ?

The alternative is presumably to convert all the data to ascii,
however there will be about 50 shots, each 64 channels, 20K 
points/channel, so I'm concerned that Ascii will be very slow - not 
least since this data is hosted on a samba-export from an embedded 
system - and in any case, the embedded system already generates DirFiles 
which are a really good fit for this application!.

Thanks in advance


Peter Milne			Peter.Milne at d-tacq.com
D-TACQ Solutions Ltd		www.d-tacq.com

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