[Kst] [Bug 243445] New: Automatic creation of time based x-axis

egretengineering+kde at gmail.com egretengineering+kde at gmail.com
Fri Jul 2 15:14:05 CEST 2010


           Summary: Automatic creation of time based x-axis
           Product: kst
           Version: unspecified
          Platform: Unlisted Binaries
        OS/Version: unspecified
            Status: UNCONFIRMED
          Severity: wishlist
          Priority: NOR
         Component: general
        AssignedTo: kst at kde.org
        ReportedBy: egretengineering+kde at gmail.com

Version:           unspecified
OS:                unspecified

Here is a feature I wish KST had...

The user provides a time step value (delta t), either manually or read
automatically from a specific line in the data file header.  The data wizard
then creates a vector for the x-axis containing the time elapsed since the
first data point.  The user should also be able to select the appropriate time
units (ms, s, min, hrs etc).

This is currently achieved by using an equation to scale the INDEX vector to a
time time vector.

It would also be nice if the plug-ins could work directly with the time value
(rather than the INDEX).  For example when using the "shift" plug-in the user
should be able to shift the data left and right using the same units as the
data is displayed in.

Reproducible: Didn't try

Here is an example of an ASCII data file I would like to be able to import with
automatic creation of a time based x-axis:

channel names:    
17/09/2009 11:28:19 AM - Thermocouple - Dev1_ai0    17/09/2009 11:28:19 AM -
Thermocouple - Dev1_ai0
start times:    
17/09/2009 11:28:21.050125    17/09/2009 11:28:21.216787
1.683599E+1    1.615940E+1
1.683502E+1    1.616248E+1
1.684403E+1    1.615294E+1
1.681951E+1    1.619551E+1
1.682327E+1    1.617476E+1
1.680551E+1    1.615913E+1
1.681099E+1    1.615533E+1
1.680957E+1    1.620246E+1
1.680303E+1    1.617426E+1


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