[Kst] [Bug 216746] It should be possible to save the print configuration for kst

Nicolas Brisset nicolas.brisset at eurocopter.com
Fri Jan 15 08:22:35 CET 2010


--- Comment #2 from Nicolas Brisset <nicolas brisset eurocopter com>  2010-01-15 08:22:33 ---
I realize you asked on the list for details on what I want, not how to achieve
it. So here goes a quick outline:

- The problem:
today's displays are mostly used in "landscape" mode. Sometimes you prepare a
plot (in the global sense, i.e. a few windows with a couple of plots each),
tune font sizes, legends etc and then print. What happens? The layout is
completely broken as it prints in portrait mode and relayouts everything for
printing. Plus, paper sizes don't have the same aspect ratio as screens and
print margins are added, and they seem to be very large on all my
installations. Setting reasonable margins and switching to landscape mode more
or less does the trick (minus some distortion effects due to the different
aspect ratios), but *it has to be done manually for each print request*, be it
within a session or from session to session. That is extremely annoying in
interactive mode and a no-go for batch printing to PDF, which is one of our
favorite use cases :-(

- The solution(s):
1) change the default printing orientation to landscape, I guess that would
already solve part of the problem and probably costs only one line of code
2) clarify what to expect from Qt and in the meantime save minimal print
settings as kst settings, so that for each installed printer including "Print
to file" (PS/PDF) at least orientation and margins are saved (apparently the
other options are CUPS options under Linux, and are better handled by
installing many instances of the printer with different defaults, as suggested
by John in the mailing list post referred to in a previous comment)
3) think about adding an option to preserve aspect ratios globally when
printing (longer term)

If anybody has different use cases, please comment...

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