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Fri Jan 8 17:34:05 CET 2010


--- Comment #6 from  <netterfield astro utoronto ca>  2010-01-08 17:34:04 ---
On Friday 08 January 2010 11:23:20 Nicolas Brisset wrote:
> Just a couple smaller things still:
> > I prefer to use explicit font sizes.  People know from Word or PPT what
> > '36pt font' will give them, and it makes it really easy to match font
> > sizes with other documents.
>  However the issue I have with that is that you get
>  12 pt only if the reference size is right....
> Do you actually have a clear concept how to go from screen to printed media
> without breaking the fonts?

Think about Power Point.  You specify a 36 point font.  It sure isn't 36 
points on the 120" projector screen... But it is relative to the reference 
size, which for PPT is probably Letter.  Or think about word.  If you specify 
a 12 point font, you do so under the assumption you are going to print on A4.  
Maximized on your 32" mega-monitor, it won't be that, but you sort of 
understand why.  If you shrink your display in half, the Word fonts cut in 
half, but it still makes sense.  We would do exactly the same thing (except 
that we can also change the aspect ratio, which makes the scaling a little 
more ambiguous...)

By defaulting to a more obvious reference size (namely A4 or Letter) and using 
explicit point sizes, this will make a lot more sense to people who actually 
care, and be close to right for people who don't... I hope!

> > > - for "floating" text boxes [...] when the box is resized, you compute a
>  font size and indicate it in the dialog. And the other way could also work
>  if you really want a precise font size: when you set a different font size
>  in the dialog, the box could be resized.

I agree.  Make a wishlist for that as a separate item.

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