[Kst] [Bug 221749] Clearer font size definition

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Fri Jan 8 16:36:08 CET 2010


--- Comment #4 from  <netterfield astro utoronto ca>  2010-01-08 16:35:57 ---
On Friday 08 January 2010 09:21:28 Nicolas Brisset wrote:
> OK, so e.g. a size of 12 will result in 12 pt on A4 if A4 is the reference
> size. Is that correct? 


> That should work, though I think it has to be
>  documented clearly so that people understand it.

Tool tip and What's This.

> However, I'm slightly confused: you talk about page-based font size, but we
> clearly need to scale the fonts down when adding more plots in a given
>  page. So it can't really be page-based. Could you elaborate on that a bit?

There will be a check box in dialogs where one would add a plot
'[  ] Rescale fonts in existing plots'

If checked, it will rescale all of the fonts in plots already on the page to 
make room for the new plots.  If not checked, it will leave the existing fonts 
as they are, and just shrink the plots.  If rescaled, the label tab of the 
plot dialog will show the new smaller font size, still relative to the page. 

> And I'd also like to have your thoughts on the last two points, which you
> haven't commented on:
> - when a user chooses to override defaults, we could offer the same size
>  offset spinboxes as today, but with values like -50% -40% ... -10%
>  standard +10% ... +50% and called something explicit like "Font size
>  adaptation"

I prefer to use explicit font sizes.  People know from Word or PPT what '36pt 
font' will give them, and it makes it really easy to match font sizes with 
other documents.

> - for "floating" text boxes (like legends and text view items) resizing in
> layout mode should be allowed and the font size computed to fill out
>  exactly the box drawn by the user. That is much more convenient than the
>  current approach with font size offsets! Plus, they should scale with the
>  plot(or the window) containing them.
> Especially the second one is a must, I think.

Under some definitions of 'must' :-)  It would be arguably easier to make 
something close, but harder to make something exact.  I will leave 
consideration of this point as a future exercise - it should be opened as its 
own wishlist item.

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