[Kst] format for reading in date time values in input files

Robin Phillips robin at robinphillips.net
Tue Jan 5 20:09:26 CET 2010

Hi Andrew,

Thanks for the quick reply. Now that you've said it I suppose this is
obvious - I read the pages in the online documentation and saw the part
about defining the output but couldn't get it to read in my data since
that is in ISO date time format - but that's easy enough to change...

Maybe the documentation could make this more explicit though (ie. that
time data has to be in one of the listed formats). 

Thanks again for your help,


On Mon, 2010-01-04 at 10:43 -0800, Andrew Walker wrote: 
> Hi Robin,
> In the kst 1.x branch if you are using a simple ascii file as your input 
> data, then you can enter dates/times in a variety of numeric formats:
> Julian Year
> Julian Date
> Standard C time
> etc.
> The key is after creating your plot (with the date/time on the x-axis) to 
> edit the plot and in the X-axis tab check the "Interpret as" checkbox, and 
> then select the relevant selection from the combobox.
> You can then select the format of the displayed date/time to be displayed 
> from the "Display as" combobox.
> This is described in the online documentation at:
> http://kst.kde.org/handbook/view-types.html#view-types-plot-xyaxis
> If you're going to use this same interpretation extensively you can modify 
> the default behaviour from within Kst, using the Settings... Configure 
> Kst... menu item.
> Then under the General tab, using the same "Interpret as", "Display as", as 
> before.
> Andrew
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> > I'm unable to find the answer to this on google or in the mail list
> > archives (is there any way of searching them or do I really have to
> > click on each month's entry individually?):
> >
> > Is kst able to read in dates or time (for use on the x-axis) of a plot
> > and if so then what is the format. I've tried all sorts of formats
> > (mostly variants of ISO time format) but am unable to make any of them
> > work. I see it is possible to tell kst how time is to be displayed on
> > the x-axis so it seems to know about time in principle.
> >
> > Thanks
> >
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