[Kst] KST 2.0.0 updated beta version for download ?

repaul_schrott-kst at yahoo.de repaul_schrott-kst at yahoo.de
Sat Feb 6 17:06:56 CET 2010

Hello Gentlemen,

first all of a big Thank you for developing this very useful program kst !!

My colleagues and I are using kst for some post processing and telemetry data visualization for the development of the Swiss solar powered aircraft.

I am using  kst 1.7.x on an Mac, OpenSUSE and on a Ubuntu based virtual machines on Win7, however my colleagues are XP based therefore I was wondering if one of you could make an updated version of the WIN32 binary (including the a2d performance fix) available for download ?

Alternatively, maybe you could tell how much effort (tools and time) it takes to do the packaging myself. 


Ralph Paul

P.S.:  Nicolas, I was in RTG12 in 2006 (;-).

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