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Thu Feb 4 01:00:46 CET 2010

you just set will be used. 


On Thursday 04 February 2010 03:36:06 Nicolas Brisset wrote:
> --- Comment #7 from Nicolas Brisset <nicolas brisset eurocopter com> 
>  2010-02-04 09:36:03 --- OK, nice addition. Thanks a lot.
> How about the possibility to set some properties in the preferences, to
>  avoid having to set them manually each time we want to print?
> I have tested it a bit in interactive mode and from what I could see:
> - the orientation property is remembered from one print action to the next,
> though I don't know whether Qt defaults to doing that or if it's done on
> purpose. But that's nice.
> - the default margins are extremely large (top/bottom: each 25.4 mm,
> right/left: each 31.75 mm, or for A4 landscape 24% and 21% of the paper
> estate!!) for any reason that's totally unclear to me. And worse: they are
>  not remembered => I have to set all four values to something more
>  reasonable each time, which is *very* painful and definitely has to be
>  avoided.
> Interestingly, in batch mode the margins are more reasonable. I suspect you
> have set a better default there.
> So to sum up, I would still recommend one of the two following options:
> 1) add a "Printing" section in the settings where we can set the margins
>  and orientation (and use that to initialize the print dialog)
> 2) remember the last used values in the settings and restore that. It is
>  even less obtrusive UI-wise and should fit most people's needs. That would
>  also work for batch printing: you could print once interactively to set
>  the settings and then fire it from the command line

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