[Kst] kst2 issues....

Matthew D Truch matt at truch.net
Thu Feb 4 04:38:36 CET 2010

> > 1. Double click on a tab should open the "rename tab" dialog instead of
> > doing nothing.  kst 1.x does this.
> There is an rmb context menu, which is standard for tabs in other apps.  I've 
> never heard of double clicking on a tab.... so... "no".

I've heard of it....in KST (1.x)!  And konsole.  But not firefox.  Those
are the only three programs that I use on a regular basis which have
tabs, and since firefox doesn't let you rename tabs at all (it's the
titlebar text), it doesn't count.  

> > 2. If you choose a symlink as a datasource, and the symlink changes to
> > point to something else, kst should catch this change.  If the user
> > didn't want the symlink, they would have chosen the actual data file.
> No.  The current implementation respects the behavior of the underlying OS, 
> making it standard with the behavior of other apps.
> Of course the specific issue you are concerned about is the behavior when we 
> open defile.lnk, and defile gets restarted.  I think the current behavior is 
> better than auto-reload, since this way, of you were looking at old data, you 
> won't suddenly have it disappear if defile gets restarted.  The cost is you 
> have to hit reload to move on.  Steve likes the current behavior, and so do I.  
> I've been bitten by the old behavior on kst 1.x

Well, I've never been bitten by the old behavior; if I wanted old data,
I'd choose the statically named dirfile, but I chose the dynamic, always
changing dirfile, which is what I explicitly wanted.  Perhaps in your
"bitten" case where you weren't at "read to end" mode kst shouldn't
"auto-reload", but when you are I think it should.  I might be less
annoyed if defile didn't crash randomly on occasion (for reasons
unknown) and crash non-randomly on occasion (when tx_struct changes),
and if filenames didn't auto-restart when mcp is restarted (since we
aren't decom'ed) but this isn't the defile list, it's the kst list.  ;-)

> > 4. When live data is scrolling by (at least with dirfile datasources),
> > sometimes (rarely) the most recent ~0.5 seconds of data is drawn as a
> > flat line instead of showing it's true values.  This is usually
> > (always?) corrected on the next redraw.  Slightly annoying and certainly
> > false.
> Hmmm.. haven't seen that.  Have you ever managed to catch it on a pause?

Never tried to catch it.  Perhaps I can use the new 'p' accelerator.

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Matthew Truch
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University of Pennsylvania
matt at truch.net
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