[Kst] kst2 issues....

Matthew D Truch matt at truch.net
Mon Feb 1 23:35:25 CET 2010

A few more things, this time mostly small (and/or large) feature
requests).  Please let me know if I should be posting bug reports to the
bugzilla rather than sending messages like this to the list.  

1. Double click on a tab should open the "rename tab" dialog instead of
doing nothing.  kst 1.x does this.

2. If you choose a symlink as a datasource, and the symlink changes to
point to something else, kst should catch this change.  If the user
didn't want the symlink, they would have chosen the actual data file.  

3. The data manager needs purge functionality.  It is very easy to build
many plots with many points using up mucho memory, and when you delete
them from all views, its nice to reclaim that memory as well.  kst 1.x
has this functionality.  

4. When live data is scrolling by (at least with dirfile datasources),
sometimes (rarely) the most recent ~0.5 seconds of data is drawn as a
flat line instead of showing it's true values.  This is usually
(always?) corrected on the next redraw.  Slightly annoying and certainly

5. There doesn't seem to be a pause keyboard shortcut.  In kst 1.x, I
think this was 'p'.  That would be acceptable, as would the space bar
(which is pause on virtually all multimedia players, which at least the
pause button on kst is modeled after).  

"Things are more like they are today than they ever have been before."
Matthew Truch
Department of Physics and Astronomy
University of Pennsylvania
matt at truch.net
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