[Kst] [Bug 248104] DirFile on NFS change detections

Peter Kümmel syntheticpp at gmx.net
Sun Aug 29 19:00:30 CEST 2010

> I built this version, but sorry, I don't see a live update (live
> SMB/fuse mount).

Thanks for testing, Peter!

> The plot _does_ refresh on pressing the >> or >| buttons, I don't
> recall seeing that before.
> Update on pressing these buttons is smoother, faster than a full
> reload, so it is an improvement.
> Forcing polling on all FS whether it's needed (remote) or not (local)
> may be unpopular,

I assume you've build Kst under Linux, and there is the polling with
QFileSystemWatcher always enabled, but it seems it doesn't work,
so we couldn't rely on Qt here.

> is it possible to use stat() to determine file type.
> eg on my system:
> localfile, remote file:
> $ stat --file-system -c %t,%T ~/.bashrc  ~/acq132_055/README.txt
> ef53,ext2/ext3
> 65735546,fuseblk
> So you could select to poll on all fuseblk files (maybe they don't all
> suffer from this problem, but it means that the main case eg ext
> doesn't have to.

It's hard to find a cross-plattform solution for this, so I tend to find a
other solution.


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