[Kst] kst2 compilation under linux with headers innon-standard location

Peter Kuemmel syntheticpp at gmx.net
Thu Aug 26 14:33:14 CEST 2010

> > Then I set PKG_CONFIG_PATH so pkg-config could find netcdf.pc. Is this
> the right way to use pkg, or should I copy netcdf.pc to some other places.
> No, that's the right way (at least that's how I've always done in all
> those years installing stuff as non-root :-)).
> And if you do that, does it work (i.e. can kst compile with the headers
> in the "weird" location?
> Note that for now I've worked around it, so don't waste too much time on
> this issue if we're switching to cmake in the near future. There are
> worse problems that affect users (like the key shortcuts not always
> working) and are certainly worse.

It's fixed now: We also have to read the include dir by pkg-config.

But there is no such called 'fearure' for qmake, and I wonder how the 
rest of world could live without such a feature.

Features end with .prf and could be added to CONFIG but when the new
feature does reside in a the project dir qmake could not find it,
even when I set the search path QMAKEFEATURES

It's really time to switch to cmake.

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