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Wed Aug 25 02:23:20 CEST 2010

              The following flags can be
              used  to override the options set in the .kst file: -F datafile,
              -n NS, -s NS, -f F0, -a. The rest can not be overridden.  If  an
              override  flag  is  given,  it  is applied to all vectors in the

              ASCII data from stdin can be plotted by including "stdin" in the
              list [file...].

I've tried with and without the -x  -y & -m options in version 1.5 and Googling
suggested the -F override was fixed it a newer version which is why I'm trying
to compile 1.9.1.

Did the ASCII data file and kst files I attached work in your version of kst?

I apologize for not having much time to devote to this but I would like to use
kst to monitor this data in real time as its acquired, if kst is up to doing

I see if I can figure out how to add the files to via the website, I though
these replies were working.


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