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yes that can only help, unless FITS support is not production-ready yet (I'm not a FITS user, I have no idea how good the support is compared to the other tools people can use to work with FITS).
In the same order of ideas, I think I once mailed the CDF and netCDF sites to tell them kst had gained support for them (at least partly, we should still extend it) but I don't think they ever updated their web pages.

By the way, strangely nobody commented on my suggestion to change the name of the application (at least for the 2.x series). If we ever want to go that way, now would be a good time and we should do it *before* advertising the new version!
Does anybody have an opinion on that? 
I am personnally in favor of it. Barth, I don't know where the name comes from and please don't be offended but I find the name neither expressive (who could gather the idea that it's a plotting tool from the name?) nor "sexy". I've not given it much thought, but to kick off the brainstorming I'd suggest "powerplot" or "powerplotter". That would surely increase the hit rate by Google when looking for plot tools, especially if we create a site with that string in the URL as I've noticed that sites with keywords in the URL seem to get high scores. And more people may want to give it a try.
OK, I've just seen that this name is already taken. So let's just use it as an incentive to unleash your creativity!

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> nicolas.brisset at free.fr:
> > 2) we definitely need *more press work*.
> We could list Kst in the various file-format articles in Wikipedia.
> For instance somewhere in the section "Using FITS files" at
> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/FITS
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