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Am Mittwoch, den 18.08.2010, 02:27 +0200 schrieb
nicolas.brisset at free.fr:
> Hi,
> > > 1) Linux packages: nobody has suggested it but maybe we should use
> > the OpenSUSE build service. [...]
> > Steve Benton has been building ubuntu packages (he has it reduced to
> > a single script), and I think that Matt Truch will build Fedora.  We
> > could look into the openSUSE build service though.  What is involved
> > with making it work.
> I'd say the best way is to contact Lubos Lunak for example as he's been advertising this tool a bit lately (see for example http://www.kdedevelopers.org/node/4177) or Will Stephenson, look at one of the presentations given at various linux talks. Of course, there is also some pretty good doc at http://en.opensuse.org//openSUSE:Build_Service_Tutorial. Basically, I think we should start with an existing spec file and customize it to the various distros as needed. I don't know whether Peter or Matt can take on that task?

Using openSUSE's build service is a nice idea! I already searched for a
free build server but havn't found anything. But openSUSE's service is
what I've looked for.

> > > 2) we definitely need *more press work*. I think this is extremely
> > important in the long run. I've said it a number of times before, but
> > I think kst has far too little mindshare. It is a very good program,
> > powerful and usable, with a great community. But almost nobody knows
> > it! I think the 2.0.0 release is an opportunity to spread the word, we
> > should not miss on it. I suggest discussing the options here, from
> > making the website sexier to possibly changing the name over pretty
> > screencasts and anything that can help!
> > 
> > Up to now, I have been hesitant to advertise the kst2, but it is
> > finally to the point where I'm reasonably confident.
> Right, we should have a good version available before calling people to look at it. But don't forget that we need some lead time. Before making big announcements, I think we have some work to do, particularly updating the website. It can easily take a couple of weeks, during which kst will continue to stabilize. Not mentioning the fact that we may want to KDE-ify a bit kst2 before using KDE media channels...
> > An informative and complete website is a must.  A flashy one?  OK.
> Flashy or not, but more current, easier to update and with a design that is less 90's-ish... We have to ask how easy it is to get a CMS installed, that would definitely help in getting up to speed quickly. I can (try to) take care of that part, even though I have only limited time. A good CSS-based design would also be fine. Any pointers? I like http://colourmod.com/ for instance, but there are certainly many others. This won't give us polls/forums/galleries/RSS feeds/wikis/etc but if we remain a KDE application then we can probably get that elsewhere. All in all, I'd be tempted to go the same way as krita (CMS like joomla or drupal with basic modules + using the KDE infrastructure wherever possible: techbase, userbase, forums, mailing lists, bugzilla, etc...).
> > The biggest issue is advertising.  Clearly kde-apps is good.  We
> > could try to get a note on the dot.  Any other ideas?
> The dot sounds cool. Maybe some blog aggregated on planetkde.org? 

Wouldn't this be a good job for you? You are both, a user but also
deeply involved in the development for a long time. And most important,
you like it to communicate and your messages are verbose enough to be
also understandable for non-technicians.

> I have the feeling that it has become a major communication medium.

I regularly read planetkde to see what happens in the kde/qt world.

> Maybe get it listed on alternativeto.net and the like. Other ideas are welcome.
> > We also need a good and current tutorial so people know what can be
> > done.  Its not obvious at first glance.
> Agreed. I can do some screencasts. It does not take too long and can help getting started very quickly. One point I'm slightly worried about is strings/UI. If we want to change some visible things we should do it before making the screencasts. And I do have some ideas for improvements... I guess I have to open a report in bugzilla for that discussion quickly.
> > > 3) as a direct consequence of 2), we need a roadmap clarifying our
> > relationship to KDE [...] In the end users and
> > developers should have a clear vision of where kst is headed.
> > 
> > I think we have decided to become a KDE app under linux.  What we do
> > under Windows and Mac is not as clear to me.  Peter is the expert.
> I believe it would be a good idea to contact Aaron Seigo. We owe him an answer anyway (http://mail.kde.org/pipermail/kst/2010-April/017476.html), and he's one of the most expert KDE devs around. He can surely point us in the right direction regarding benefits of KDE. For Mac/Windows we should ask on the relevant lists. 
> So, as a summary of actions to do I'd suggest (if everybody agrees of course):
> 1) Peter and/or Matt have a look at the build problem/OpenSuse Build Service
> 2) I contact some people and collect ideas regarding the website 
> 3) Barth fleshes out a roadmap and sees when/what to publish on the dot
> 4) if someone on this list has a blog worthy of being aggregated on planetkde.org or is willing to start one, go ahead (it has to be KDE-oriented, mostly developer stuff but not necessarily)
> 5) Peter and/or Barth update kde-apps.org, currently at 2.0.0 beta 1 :-(
> 6) I open a report to collect ideas regarding visible string/UI changes we should do quickly (for screencasts and translations)
> 7) Barth and/or Peter contact Aaron (or CC: him on the bug Barth just created) and the mac and windows lists to decide what the approach should be (compile-time or run-time option, benefits, constraints, etc...)

will comment later.

> Well, considering that this should not stop actual development, it looks like we're not going to get bored!
> Any thoughts/suggestions on this?
> Nicolas
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