[Kst] kst 2.0 : pan and zoom with cursor keys .. erratic?

Peter Milne Peter.Milne at d-tacq.com
Wed Aug 11 10:49:16 CEST 2010

Something that I've noticed appears to be in all versions of Kst 2.0, 
but haven't been able to pin down:

A feature that is very useful is the cursor key PAN/ZOOM capability:
This works well for examining large data sets - pan at low zoom, zoom in 
to region of interest, zoom out, pan again.

However, in my experience, the feature works some but not all the time 
under Linux, and never works under Windows. It could be that I'm not 
driving it correctly, but don't recall having any problem at all in 
(Linux) Kst 1.8.

While testing for this message, in one session of Kst (Linux), one View 
tab had working cursor keys, while another didn't. However, after saving 
state, quitting Kst, re-run Kst, reload state, all the Views work .. 
that is a reasonable work-around on Linux, but doesn't help on Win. On 
Win, the only way to work is: right-click, zoom maximum, rubber-band 
area of interest and zoom in - all very usable of course, but near 
impossible to pan through zoomed data.

Another issue (cosmetic, but may be related) is displayed cursor state.
We start off with a cross hair.
PAN LEFT, PAN RIGHT : still a cross-hair : good
UP, DOWN : vertical axis pan : good

SHIFT LEFT : cursor changes to "Up Down Arrow", a horizontal guide line 
appears, but the ZOOM IN function still works.
Wrong Cursor!.
When the mouse pointer leaves the window, and returns, then we are back 
to the cross hair.

SHIFT UP / SHIFT DOWN : cursor changes to "Up Down Arrow", and the 
vertical range changes - Good.

To be consistent, the cursor should change to "Left Right Arrow" when 
the X ZOOM IN, X ZOOM OUT functions are active. The cursor should reset 
to "Cross Hair" when any of the PAN functions (no-shift L,R,U,D) are 

Did anyone else see this?.
Is it a known feature?
Would two bug reports be helpful?

#1 Pan/Zoom feature broken (functional)
#2 Pointer shape change inconsistent (cosmetic).

Peter Milne			Peter.Milne at d-tacq.com
D-TACQ Solutions Ltd		www.d-tacq.com

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