[Kst] Plugins depending on external libs on Windows

nicolas.brisset at free.fr nicolas.brisset at free.fr
Thu Apr 29 22:38:16 CEST 2010

Hi everybody,

I was wondering how difficult it would be to get kst2 to use gsl under Windows. It gives access to a great number of plugins, which vastly improve the value of the software. Does anybody have experience with it? (Peter, I'm looking at you :-))
If Qt is really that cross-platform, it shouldn't be very hard. gsl is standard C and there is apparently even a Windows port available under http://gnuwin32.sourceforge.net/packages/gsl.htm. I think this is something to look at in the near future (just before or just after a new beta)...
The other (related) question is then if we could hook up netcdf under Windows. I think it is a pretty interesting format (even though there is still some way to go to make the kst netcdf datasource really good) and adding this kind of support would be cool.


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