[Kst] Embedding plot definition info in plot data file

Sonic get.sonic at gmail.com
Tue Apr 20 04:27:11 CEST 2010


     I'm very new to Kst. So far, we've been working on Windows and used 
a tool called EasyPlot (http://www.spiralsoftware.com/ep/epindex.html) 
for all our plotting needs.
Now that we're moving to Linux, I've been looking for a good plotting 
software and Kst seems awesome.

Just one question. Can we have one single file that contains the plot 
data (the samples for x and y, for example) and the info that defines 
how the plot is to be displayed (which fields belong to the y axes, the 
colour, marker types etc.)?

We've been using such files with EasyPlot wherein the first few lines of 
the file will contain info on what fields are to be chosen as x-y axes 
and how the plot is to be displayed etc. and this is followed by the 
actual data (I'm talking about a full ASCII file here, but I believe the 
binary file is similar). Can we have something similar with Kst?

Our requirement is to have the plot displayed by just double-clicking on 
a plot file. I guess a *.kst file will do just that. But the data needs 
to be in some other file, isn't it? We typically have 50 to 2000 
parameters to be plotted and we create individual plot files for each 
parameter. People copy only the files corresponding to the parameters 
they are interested in. So if these were completely independent files, 
it'd really help (rather that one big data file and several *.kst files, 
which are useless without the data file).

Can this be done with Kst?
Any help is highly appreciated.

Thanks and regards,


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