[Kst] kst2 crash when changing .kst file

Matthew D Truch matt at truch.net
Wed Nov 18 16:12:22 CET 2009

> Should we use the kst bugzilla, or open up a new product for kst2?

Like Nicholas points out, the kde bugzilla has a very visible version
space in kst that users fill out when submitting a bug, so I doubt this
is necessary.  One can easily make a custom search in their bugzilla
account to search only for kst 1.x bugs and kst 2.x bugs (just as easily
as creating a search for all kst bugs in general).  

So, I think that kst2 shouldn't be a separate instance as it will just
confuse some users (why doesn't kst have version 2.x selectable, etc.).
Unless of course there's a plan for a full fledged forking of everything
(webpage, mailing lists, etc.).  

"If you have only seen it once, then you haven't seen it twice."
Matthew Truch
Department of Physics and Astronomy
University of Pennsylvania
matt at truch.net
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