[Kst] : Huge performance problem under Windows

Peter Kümmel syntheticpp at gmx.net
Sat Nov 14 20:21:40 CET 2009

Peter Kümmel wrote:
> atof is dead slow on Windows, on Linux atof is magnitudes faster.
> Measured with attached patch.

I've replaced msvc's atof with a old bsd (V7) one, should be good
enough to read generated data.

On Linux it is fast as the system atof, but on Windows this code
makes importing data the first time usable.

On Windows i only have timing values from a debug build
(it seems in release mode DataSource::validSource always fails).

When importing gyrodata.dat the output with attached patch is (numbers are seconds):

Linux (-O1):
AsciiSource::readField: sum = 1.0
AsciiSource::readField: sum = 4.7
AsciiSource::readField: sum = 9.0

Windows (debug build):
AsciiSource::readField: sum = 2.6
AsciiSource::readField: sum = 11.7
AsciiSource::readField: sum = 21.5


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