[Kst] Building kst from svn errors ?

Eric Estievenart eric.estievenart at free.fr
Sat Nov 7 18:26:25 CET 2009

 > Hi Eric,
 > I'm using the following:
 > automake 1.10.1
 > autoconf 2.60
 > Hope that helps.
 > Thanks for the feedback on the download instructions.
 > I'll make some changes to try and render things a little less opaque.

Thanks, the issue was autoconf 2.64.

So bad that the admin/cvs.sh did not warn on autoconf2.64,
which seems known to be incompatible with kde 3.5 libs as
described in:

Now it's building with ac 2.59 and automake 1.9.

---- for debian (unstable) users -----
install autoconf 2.59 and automake 1.9
update alternatives automake=> automake 1.9
have symlinks for example in usr/local/bin
pointing to autoconf tools:
$ for f in autoconf autoupdate ifnames autoscan autoheader autoreconf 
autom4te; do ln -sf /usr/bin/${f}2.59 /usr/local/bin/$f; done

(Note that this is not straightforward, so a bug was logged:


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