[Kst] Missing KstScript functionality

bug.zilla.vynce at neverbox.com bug.zilla.vynce at neverbox.com
Fri Jan 9 18:43:12 CET 2009

There is some Kst functionality that isn't available through KstScript.

The thing that I'm missing the most right now is support for the plot
marker bars. I have a vector that I'd like to use to display the
vertical marker bars in a plot. Is there any way of doing this right
now? Can this functionality be added to KstScript?

Some other KstScript functionality that I think would be useful is:
- A function to hide/show JavaScript console. I don't want the
JavaScript console to be enabled by default after running a KstScript
from Kst's command line.
- A function to set the active tab/window. I'd like to be able to
setup multiple tabs and then switch to the most useful one
- Toggle mouse pointer "data mode". I'd like to be able to have a
script switch the mouse pointer into data mode when it is finished so
that it is ready to go.
- The "Auto Border" range type isn't supported through KstScript.

I found some KstScript functionality to be incorrect/annoying:
- Even after configuring a DataSource object, you can't get much
useful information from it (i.e. can't get a list of the fieldNames)
until you create a DataVector and refresh it. It would be useful if
the DataSource object had its own refresh function, or just refreshed
automatically when necessary.
- If you create a graph in Kst manually, there doesn't seem to be any
way to get a collection of the DataVectors. You can only get a
collection of the Vectors. So there is no way to use the
DataVector-specific functionality if you didn't create the DataVectors
in KstScript. Unless there is some way to cast the Vectors to
DataVectors that I'm not aware of.


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