[Kst] KST "forgets" the ASCII data configuration

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Fri Jan 9 03:23:18 CET 2009

I ended up working around this issue by writing all of the graphing code in
KstScript. This has actually ended up being more flexible. I found the
KstScript documentation to be severely lacking and had to refer to the
source code often. I'm sure it's not a high-priority issue, but hopefully it
can be improved at some point.


On Tue, Dec 30, 2008 at 5:10 PM, Michael Vincent <bug.zilla.vynce at neverbox.com> wrote:

> I have setup a kst session file for one data set. If I then execute
> the following command to load the session with a different data set,
> Kst doesn't use the ASCII data configuration that is stored in the
> session file (it reverts to the defaults).
> kst -F /logs/data2.log MemAllocSizeTest.kst
> Since my data is comma-separated and the default setting is
> space-separated, Kst just interprets all of the data as NaNs. If I
> manually fix the ASCII data configuration, it works fine again. I was
> also able to correct the ASCII data configuration using some KstScript
> commands, but it would only work if I loaded the script manually.
> Loading the script from the command line using -E didn't work.
> Manually fixing the ASCII data settings every time is far from ideal
> and I'd like to be able to switch data sets automatically. I'm using
> Kst 1.7.0 on Fedora 8. I've attached the Kst session file and a couple
> of data sets. Hopefully someone can help me get this working
> correctly.
> Thanks,
> Michael
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