[Kst] [Bug 218821] new line at the end of ascii file

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--- Comment #1 from  <netterfield astro utoronto ca>  2009-12-15 19:48:55 ---
A primary application of kst is with dynamically expanding data files.  If kst
grabs a data file in the middle of a line being written, then it could be
reading a partial line, and not know it.

eg, last line as it will eventially be
1.0 23.45E-10

last line as kst happens to get it when it happens to read the file:
1.0 23.4

This would cause great troubles.  If we demand that the lines end with a new
line, then we avoid this

Even delaying, and checking back won't work, because the file could be coming
from the end of a buffered pipe, in which case, the delays could be long and

I'm leaning towards 'wont fix' unless someone can come up with a solution.

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