[Kst] [Bug 217336] Cannot open data files

Nicolas Brisset nicolas.brisset at eurocopter.com
Fri Dec 4 15:17:37 CET 2009


--- Comment #2 from Nicolas Brisset <nicolas brisset eurocopter com>  2009-12-04 15:17:34 ---
I think I had that as well with an old 2.0.0 beta version. It has been fixed
since then.
There is currently no 2.0.0 final version, and I suspect you have installed an
old beta from your distro's packages. Could you try upgrading to a more recent
version? The easiest way would be to compile from the sources, however if you
don't feel comfortable with that we could possibly try to create a .rpm from a
more recent source tarball. Let us know whether you can handle compiling on
your own, need instructions to compile or a package as you don't want to
compile from sources.
The currently active svn branch is at

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