[Kst] kst 1.x and the GetData Project

D. V. Wiebe getdata at ketiltrout.net
Tue Nov 18 04:34:40 CET 2008

I have updated the kst 1.x in SVN to optionally use the modern GetData
library.  It works thusly: if a suitably modern GetData library is found
at configure time, it will be used.  Otherwise the old getdata library
provided with the kst sources will be used (which supports dirfiles only
up to Standards Version 4).  GetData 0.4.2 (just released) or better is
required by kst 1.x.

The GetData support in kst 1.x uses the legacy API.  As a result, when
compiling kst 1.x against the GetData, don't be alarmed by the plethora
of "deprecated" warnings.

D. V. Wiebe
getdata at ketiltrout.net
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